Specs & Manual
photography by Frank Auperlé,
It's getting darker... It's getting colder... Winter is coming... Turn on the DECKLITEs on your longboard and ride the rainbow! Pick a solid colour or have it cycle fluently through a whole range of colours. Flashing or solid. The way you want! And they're safe too! Check the videos!
This is a video with our last prototype (nr003). Riding outside the 'office' (café Tango in Delft). The second part is our waterproof test...
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DECKLITEs are made from tough glass-reinforced epoxy laminate. Thin... Lightweight... and cool...And they will fit onto most trucks with 'old skool' and 'new skool' hole pattern. No drilling or glueing required! Check the manual (button below) for the mounting options. Before ordering check the template (button below) to see if they fit your trucks. The DECKLITEs are powered by AA alkaline batteries (included). And will last up to 20 hours depending on the colour and the mode. You can operate the DECKLITEs with fancy touch keys. Solid colour, cycling, flashing? The way you want it!
Specs& Manual
Download Template
You can download our pdf template,print it out and check if it will fit your trucks.
Mounting Guidelines Your DECKLITEs fit between the trucks and their retaining nuts. They can be mounted regular or goofy but always with the lights facing downwards. Goofy mounting is to avoid damage if your trucks are real close to the edge of your deck. Use the fibre washers (included) on top and underneath the DECKLITEs to prevent damage when tightening the nuts. Don't leave them out if your bolts are too short. Get longer bolts. They are cheaper than a new set of DECKLITEs!
Operating your DECKLITE Your DECKLITE has no mechanical switches. It's got fancy touch keys that control it. The Tulip (T) lets you turn the DECKLITE on and off and select a colour The Clog (C) lets you select flash patterns. So... Tulip is colour. Clog is rhythm. Touch and hold the Tulip to turn on your DECKLITE. Now, every time you touch it, the colour will change. There are 8 colours, including a groovy colour-cycling mode. Keep your finger on the Tulip for a couple of seconds and your DECKLITE will turn off when you let go. That's it!
neighbour's empty swimming pool. If you damage your DECKLITE, contact us via They're very tough but if you do break one we'd like to know about it. BatteriesYour DECK LITEs are supplied with high quality AA alkaline batteries. Fresh batteries will  last around 20hours, depending on the mode and colour you use. If they need  replacement we recommend fitting high-quality alkaline batteries. Don't use cheap zinc-carbon batteries and always replace both batteries at the same time. Right now, we don't recommend using rechargeable batteries in your DECKLITEs. (Feel free to get in touch with us if that's a problem for you.)
Serious StuffWe wanted to keep the DECKLITE as thin, lightweight and cool as possible. We covered the board with a layer which protects it against dirt and water. But there's a limit...Try not to drive through water or take your board for a swim. If your DECKLITE gets completely wet, take out the batteries and let it dry somewhere warm. Moisture on the touch keys can confuse your DECKLITE. Your DECKLITEs are made from glass-reinforced epoxy laminate and won't break easily but be careful when performing extreme stunts. The LEDs could get torn off the DECKLITE if you bump into a curb. Either mount the DECKLITEs goofy or take them off your board if you plan to perform a nosegrind in your
This part will be filled with development stuff soon...
DECKLITE is a Windmillz product
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DECKLITEs are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by longboard enthusiasts. Yup, we wear clogs, work in windmillz and eat tulips…
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